European Metalwork encompasses our wire line that is reminiscent of old European metal shapes artistically transformed into classic food displays that never go out of style.  These items are available in steel, nickel chrome, and natural bronze finishes.

Normandy Hotelware is classic European hotelware in a contemporary food safe alloy that captures the lustrous look and heavy feeling of fine silver without the need to polish.

Superior Stainless is modern stainless steel displays and serve ware for architects and interior designers as well as the hospitality service sector giving unique shapes with a multitude of uses from art display and showcasing to eye catching food displays in or out of a showcase.

Dover Studio is the division that provides custom product design and manufacturing as well as new product design for all other divisions.

Entree Stands

D-310A 2-Tier Entree Stand with Plates (17.5"W x 10"L x 17"H)
D-310B 3-Tier Entree Stand with Plates (17.5"W x 10"L x 24"H)

Small and Large Bowl Stands

D-6033A Small Bowl Stand (14.5"W x 17"L x 11.5"H)
D-6033B Large Bowl Stand (18"W x 17"L x 15"H)

Padova and Grande Padova Stands

D-215A Padova Stand (28"W x 9.5"L x 30"H)
D-215B Grande Padova Stand (28"W x 9.5"L x 30"H)

Pavilion Stand and Grand Lago Stand

D-1300 Pavilion Stand with Plates (22"W x 11"L x 18"H)
D-1250 Grand Lago Stand with Plates (24"W x 10"L x 22"H)

Mint Tray Stand
D-790P Mint Tray Stand with Plates (21"L x 9.5"W x 18"H)
Amenity Stand
D-6019BP Amenity Stand with baskets & bowls (11"W x 12"L x 15"H)
Brunch Stands

D-385 Round Brunch Stand with baskets & plates (10.5"W x 7"L x 16"H)
D-386 Rectangular Brunch Stand with baskets & bowls (14"W x 7"L x 16"H)

Telescoping Stand
D-6018 Telescoping Stand (12"W x 38"L x 18"H)
Bruno Stand
D-935 Bruno Stand (32.5"W x 10"L x 21"H)