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Round Porcelain Plates

P-840A 12" Plate
P-840B 14" Plate
P-835A 16" Plate
P-835B 18" Plate
P-835C 20" Plate

This series of round porcelain plates features a wide rim and is impressively large-scale, measuring 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, and 20″ in diameter.

The P-840A will fit our Tuscan Stands, Triton Stand, and Mini Triton Stand, and the P-840B will fit the Butler Stand.  The P-835B fits the Triton Stand and the Brioche Stand.  The P-835C fits the Triton Stand.

P-840A, P-840B, P-835A, P-835B, P-835C

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Brioche Stand and Butler Stand

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