European Metalwork

European Metalwork encompasses our wire line that is reminiscent of old European metal shapes artistically transformed into classic food displays that never go out of style. Items are available in steel, nickel chrome, and natural bronze finishes.

Deli Baskets

D-2002B Deli Basket (20"L x 17.5"W x 17"H)
D-2002C Classic Baguette (19.5"H x 12"D)
D-2002D Slanted Roll Basket (19.5"L x 16"W x 8"H)

Challenger Stand
D-6021 Challenger Stand (19"W x 21"L x 30.5"H)
Glass Risers

D-6034A Small Glass Riser (6.5"H x 8"D)
D-6034B Medium Glass Riser (6.5"H x 13"D)
D-6034C Large Glass Riser (6.5"H x 18"D)
D-6034set Set of 3 Glass Risers

Dip Chiller
D-645w Dip Chiller (9"L x 6"W x 3.75"H)
French Cuisine Stand and Pastry Racks

D-15A French Cuisine Stand (33"H x 16.5"W)
D-15B 4' Pastry Rack (48"H x 14.5"W)
D-15C 6' Pastry Rack (72"H x 14.5"W)

Single Coffee Station
D-6053SBP Single Coffee Station, complete with (4) 6x9 baskets and (4) bowls
Double Coffee Station
D-6053BR Double Coffee Station, complete with 6" round baskets
French Bottle Racks

D-75A Petite Bottle Rack (25"H x 13"D)
D-75B French Bottle Rack (39"H x 16.5"D)

Small and Large Obelisks

D-100A Small Obelisk (36"H x 11.5"W)
D-100B Large Obelisk (64"H x 15.5"W)