Normandy Hotelware

Normandy Hotelware is classic European hotelware in a contemporary food safe alloy that captures the lustrous look and heavy feeling of fine silver without the Need to polish.

Normandy Olympic Bowl
N-2080 Olympic Bowl (6.5"H x 18.5"D)
Normandy Imperial Cake Dome
N-895 Imperial Cake Dome (10.5"H x 12"D)
Normandy Round Gourmet Domes

N-2035A Small Gourmet Dome (6"H x 8.25"D)
N-2035B Medium Gourmet Dome (10"H x 13.5"D)
N-2035C Large Gourmet Dome (10.75"H x 16.25"D)

Normandy Square Gourmet Dome
N-2037AT Square Gourmet Dome (14" x 14" x 10"H)
Normandy Small Rectangular Gourmet Dome
N-2037BT 12" x 18" Gourmet Dome
Normandy Rectangular Gourmet Domes

N-2037CT Small Dome with Normandy Top (9.5"W x 18"L x 8.5"H)
N-2037DT Large Dome with Normandy Top (16.5"W x 23.5"L x 10"H)

Normandy Oval Gourmet Dome
N-2037ET Normandy Oval Gourmet Dome (16"W x 23"L x 10"H)
Normandy Large Rectangular Gourmet Dome
N-2037FT Cover with Normandy Gourmet Top (19.5"W x 25"L x 11.5"H)
Normandy Bristol Chargers

N-955A 12.5" Round Bristol Charger
N-955B 16" Round Bristol Charger
N-955C 20" Round Bristol Charger
N-955set Set of 3 Round Bristol Chargers