Normandy Hotelware

Normandy Hotelware is classic European hotelware in a contemporary food safe alloy that captures the lustrous look and heavy feeling of fine silver without the Need to polish.

Normandy Ellipse Platters

N-1155A Small Ellipse Platter (8"W x 21"L)
N-1155B Large Ellipse Platter (9.5"W x 26.5"L)

Normandy Luna Bowls

N-290A Small Luna Bowl (11.75"D x 3"H)
N-290B Large Luna Bowl (15.5"D x 4"H)

Normandy Chocolate Trays

N-415A Small French Chocolate Tray (9"W x 11"L)
N-415B Large French Chocolate Tray (14"W x 17.5"L)

Normandy Fish and Salmon Platters

N-285A Salmon Platter (8"W x 22.5"L)
N-635 English Fish Platter (12"W x 21"L)
N-285B Double Salmon Platter (10.5"W x 26.5"L)

Normandy Oval Platters

N-410A Small Oval Platter (14.5"W x 19"L)
N-410B Large Oval Platter (15"W x 21.5"L)

Normandy Mesa Platters

N-1150A Small Rectangular Mesa Platter (8.5"W x 17.5"L)
N-1150B Large Rectangular Mesa Platter (11.5"W x 21"L)

Normandy Serving Trays

N-705 Rectangular Mint Tray (7"W x 15"L)
N-300 Square Charger Plate (12"square)
N-770 14" Round Discus