Plates, Platters, and Bowls

These porcelain, glass, and melamine pieces are excellent choices for display and foodservice, and many have custom-made stands to fit them in our European Metalwork line!

Porcelain Serving Bowls

P-855A 14" Round Porcelain Serving Bowl
P-855B 16" Round Porcelain Serving Bowl

Coloma Plates
P-505 Coloma Plate (8.5"square)
Porcelain Flat Plates

P-660A 8" Square Porcelain Flat Plate
P-660B 10" Square Porcelain Flat Plate
P-660C 12" Square Porcelain Flat Plate

Triangle Plate, Leaf Bowl, Mint Tray, and Tapas Plate

P-670A 12" Triangle Plate
P-671A Leaf Bowl (8"W x 12"L x 2"H)
P-825 Ceramic Mint Tray (8"W x 15.5"L)
P-6030 5" Square Plate for Tapas Stand

Three-Compartment Bowls

P-1050 Three Compartment Tray (8"W x 16"L)
P-880A Sample Bowl, 3-Space (3"W x 9"L x 2"H)
P-674A 3 Space Bowl (7"W x 15"L x 2"H)

Porcelain Rectangular Bowl
P-4080 Porcelain Rectangle Bowl (6"W x 9"L)
8″ White Ceramic Trivet
P-1850 8" White Ceramic Trivet
Porcelain Soap Dish
P-1075 Two-piece Porcelain Soap Dish
Porcelain Cold Chafer
P-3090 Porcelain Cold Chafer (4.5"H x 15"D)