Plates, Platters, and Bowls

These porcelain, glass, and melamine pieces are excellent choices for display and foodservice, and many have custom-made stands to fit them in our European Metalwork line!

Deep 20″ Oval Melamine Platter
P-830AP Deep 20" Oval Melamine Platter
Round Melamine Platters

P-835AP 16" Round Melamine Platter
P-835BP 18" Round Melamine Platter
P-835DP 24" Round Melamine Platter (not pictured)

Melamine Crocks and Square Bowl

P-870AP 6" x 6" Square Melamine Crock
P-875AP 6" x 12" Rectangular Melamine Crock
P-876AP 12" x 12" Square Melamine Crock

P-665DP 12" Square Melamine Bowl (fits D-565A, D-565B Ravello Stands)