Superior Stainless

Superior Stainless is modern stainless steel displays and serve ware for architects and interior designers as well as the hospitality service sector giving unique shapes with a multitude of uses from art display and showcasing to eye-catching food displays in or out of a showcase.

Round Geza Table
S-370 Round Geza (22"H x 14"D)
Rectangular Pillards

S-755A Small Rectangular Pillard (18"W x 9"L x 8"H)
S-755B Large Rectangular Pillard (24"W x 12"L x 8"H)

Stainless Steel Risers

S-610A 3" Stainless Steel Riser (3" H x 8" D)
S-610B 5" Stainless Steel Riser (5" H x 8" D)

S-620A Medium Graduated Plateau, Stainless Steel (8" H x 12" D)
S-620B Large Graduated Plateau, Stainless Steel (8"H x 16" D)